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Model Number: Medium-UVCC 200 


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Introducing Philips UV-C Disinfection chamber, an effective, easy & quick, one-touch solution for disinfection of objects. Philips UV-C Disinfection chamber disinfects 99.99% bacteria & viruses including COVID-19 virus within minutes, with log-4 disinfection; and is ideal  for disinfection of objects across wide range of segments like Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Nursing Homes, Banks, Factories, Shops, etc.


4-log disinfection in minutes

An excellent combination of unique design and effective surface disinfection, for profession use

UV-C disinfection chamber is intended to be used for disinfection surfaces of objects other than medical devices. UV-C e­ectively inactivates many viruses and pathogens on directly irradiated surfaces.


The UVC disinfection chamber will be available in three variants small, medium, large.
•Small UVCC 100 with height of 510 mm (77-liters)
•Medium UVCC 200 with height of 660mm (112-liters)
•Large UVCC 300 with height of 1700 (323 liters)

The UV-C disinfection chamber design optimizes the ­effectiveness of Philips UV-C lamp (253.7nm) to provide 4-log (99.99%) disinfection with time guidelines and avoid over exposure to the object.
UV-C disinfection chamber is designed for versatile objects surface disinfection. This UV-C product is not approved and/or certified as a medical device.



  • 4-log disinfection


  • Can disinfect surface of the objects in minutes with 4-log (99.99%) disinfection

Environment Friendly

  • Chemical free disinfection, no residuals on object surface.
  • No collateral damage to the environment of use.
  • Ozone free (Ozone is a poisonous gas; it creates irritation and especially people with respiratory problems such as asthma should not be exposed)


  • The product is fully compliant with the safety standard IEC60335-1: 2010
  • Direct exposure of UV-C is dangerous to living beings, chamber only starts when the door is securely closed, and disinfection cycle is activated
  • Auto power o­ when the chamber is open ensuring no UV-C exposure to user


  • Stainless-Steel chamber with sturdy trays to support heavy items up to 6Kgs
  • Easy to use, one touch operation

Philips UV-C Disinfection Chamber (Medium) 飛利浦(中型)紫外線專業消毒櫃

  • Model Number: Medium-UVCC 200
  • Disinfection e‑ffect: 4-log disinfection (mJ/cm2)
  • Input voltage: 220-240V , 50/60 Hz
  • Total power: 80W
  • UV-C lamp wavelength: 253.7nm
  • Time setting: Time set up level 3 min/5 min/10min/20min
  • Ozone free: Yes
  • Safety start: Yes (power ON when door is closed)
  • Door open protection: Yes (power OFF when door is open)
  • Operating temp +10°C to +40°C
  • Dimensions: 660 x 560 x 590 (in mm)
  • Front door Tempered Glass (Small glass window)
  • Housing material: Stainless steel/ tempered glass
  • Warranty 1 year

Download Datasheet: