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Model Number: Mini -UVCC 090 


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** Currently Only Medium and Mini size of UV-C Disinfection Chamber are available in Hong Kong **

UV-C disinfection mini chamber UVCC090 for professional use

Philips UV-C disinfection mini chamber provides the perfect solution to disinfect the surfaces of small belongings, shared devices or objects touched by numerous people, such as a mouse, keyboard, headsets and remote controls. Simply place items into the mini chamber, set the timer for exposing the items to UV-C light with the recommended disinfection scheme. The UV-C disinfection mini chamber can be placed into many different areas, due to it’s light weight. With the design and its portable size the UV-C disinfection mini chamber is a unique disinfecting solution to offer additional protection to your customers, guests and employees in multiple areas in hospitality, the office and retail space.



  • Delivers 4-log disinfection rate up to 99.99% to ensure high effectiveness1.

  • Ease of use with touch panel to set time and control the disinfection time:
    180 sec/300 sec/600 sec/900sec to disinfect different size objects.

  • Modern design, portable size and light weight, which fits easily to the interior of hotel guest rooms, reception areas and office working areas.

  • Includes safeguards such as magnetic switch to prevent UVC exposure due to accidental door opening.


  • Designed to disinfect all surfaces of the individual object with UV-C radiation coverage; thanks to embedded high reflected metal plate.

  • Philips 253.7nm UV-C tube emits no ozone during the operation.

Application for professional use

The UV-C disinfection mini chamber is ideal for disinfection of multiple small devices, objects and equipment.

  • Hospitality Disinfect in guest room: small belongings, keys, remote controls; reception areas: personal belongings.

  • Office Disinfect visitors’ badges, personal devices.

  • Retail Disinfect scanners and badges


Philips UV-C Disinfection Mini Chamber 飛利浦紫外線多用途迷你消毒櫃

  • Specifications 

  • Volume ~ 48 L

  • Size 470*440*400 mm

  • Wattage 36 w

  • Input Voltage 220-240V/50/60 Hz

  • Weight ~9.4 Kg

  • UV-C lamp 253.7 nm

  • UV Risk Group Inside chamber RG3; Outside chamber RG0

Download Datasheet: