Lux Rack developed the UVC Smart Lighting solution that specialized for surface disinfection. The solution ensures completing floor to ceiling disinfection. The solution delivers a smart, fast, simple operation, multiple safety layers and effective germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy (parts of UV spectrum) killing germs and viruses.


Lux Rack’s Smart Lighting solution can be adapted to different market sectors, such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Sport Center, School, Data Center, Real Estate, etc.


The solution is developed with a sequential and multiple safety features that aid the rooms/places being cleaned on a daily basis, while reducing human errors that would be exposed under the UVC.


Unlike the portable UVC disinfection lighting stands, our fixed UVC lighting fixture will be mounted on the designated locations to maximize disinfection area. The solution is designed to sterilize from a single room to hundreds of rooms simultaneously in a short period of time. UVC lighting can be scheduled to turn on or off by web portal in a few steps that according to users’ operation requirement.


The germicidal lightings efficiently emit a large amount of ultraviolet rays 253.7nm (UVC) which have excellent germicidal effect. These lightings have structures and electrical characteristics similar to those of general fluorescent lamps used for illumination but use ultraviolet ray glass which efficiently transmits ultraviolet rays at 253.7nm.


The UVC are primarily useful for sterilization of germs and viruses in air, the surfaces of various materials and water or liquid.

* Lux Rack is the Certified Installer for supply and installation of UV-C components from Signify HK Ltd.


* Lux Rack is the Certified Installer for supply and installation of smart solutions from INTEREL.