Philips UV-C Disinfection Upper Air Wall Mounted

Philip Lighting; Sep 10 2020; Philips Upper Air UVC Disinfection - effective on COVID-19

Breathe Healthy Air

As part of the Philips UV-C disinfection upper air device series, Philips UV-C disinfection upper air wall mounted is designed to be installed on walls for the disinfection of air in a wide range of applications. Optimized for low ceiling heights, the UV-C rays are distributed at device level and above. The beam of UV-C rays is controlled by specific reflectors and the louvre design. This allows for the disinfection of the air in a space, while ensuring that day-to-day business activities can continue underneath the area where the device is active


• Allows quiet disinfection of air while business activity continues underneath the device’s level

• UV-C light has been proven to effectively deactivate tested pathogens(1)

• Uses Philips UV-C lamps and drivers

• Environmentally friendly - no ozone emissions during or after use.

1 Reed, N.G. 2010. The history of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation for air disinfection. Public Health Reports January–February, 125(1):15–27.


• Philips TUV T5 lamp included: 1x25W

• Shortwave UV radiation peak at 253.7 nm (UV-C)

• Louvres and reflector control the distribution of UV-C at the device level and above, where            people are not usually present • Wall mounted installation

• Complies with IEC 62471 standard for photobiological safety.

Application: Data Center; Offices; Retail; Food outlets; Hospitality; Schools; Banking; Washrooms