We offer cable management solutions for both copper and fiber installations.  Products include fiber raceway system, vertical and horizontal cable managers (finger) in metal/plastic and cable management rings. The products provide effective protection, support and organization of cables and patch cords.


The Fiber Channel System is designed to protect and route the fiber optic cables between racks, cabinets or ODF.  The system ensures a minimum bend radius to protect bend sensitive fiber core cables.

We offers 120mm, 240mm and 360mm width fiber channel systems and all necessary components to route and protect the fiber optic cables.  The system provide with flexibility on future expansion and allowing to add, move and change when required.  The system is suitable for data centers, wiring closets and critical network cabling applications.



  • 120mm, 240mm and 360mm series

  • Easy and fast deployment

  • Easy to expand, move and change

  • Tool-less junction design

  • ABS for tool-less junction


Cable Basket and Metal Cable Ladder system is commonly used in Data Center for routing the communication cables, such as telco, data, coaxial, and signaling cables between racks, cabinets or ODF. The system provide the effective routing solutions to easily manage and protect cables. The cable ladder can be tailored to meet your own specific requirements.


  • Decrease cable damage

  • Promote proper cable band radian for better data transmission

  • Easy and fast deployment

  • Easy to expand, move and change

  • Meet TIA/EIA installation guidelines for Category 5e, 6, 6A and fiber optical cables

Vertical Cable Manager.png

Vertical and Horizontal (Finger) Cable Manager and Jumper Ring is to protect and manage copper or fiber cables under a professional environment.  Vertical and horizontal (finger) cable manager also allows flexible cable management which makes easy access to cables for moves, adds and changes in order to achieve a decent patching environment for the whole structural cabling system.

The vertical and horizontal (finger) cable manager is available in 1U or 2U height horizontal mounting and in 22U to 52U height vertical mounting made of either plastic or metal material.


  • Available in 1U or 2U height (horizontal mounting); All mount to standard 19” and racks

  • Available in 22U or 52U height (vertical mounting)

  • Available in plastic or metal

  • Snap-on hinged cover


Braided Cable Sleeving - PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) braided sleeving enable quick and easy installation over irregularly shaped areas, including large connectors or bundle of cables.

The PET braided sleeving is perfect for cable management in all kinds of industries. For example, ELV & IT cabling, A/V, Data Center Automotive, Transportation, Telco industries.

This braided sleeving also works great at home and office, for PC cable and TV / AV cables management in your home or office.


  • Quality Polyethylene (PET) construction gives sleeving a high tensile strength and makes it cut and abrasion resistant

  • Easy to install, light weight, and flexible

  • Professional finishing touch and protection to cable and wire management. Especially for IT networking bundle / loom cable, UTP and optic fiber cable

  • Operating temperature -50oC to 125oC

  • Fire rated UL94-V0

  • Available size 3mm to 90mm

  • Black color

  • Custom made packing and length