We provide an extensive range of PDU solutions to help the IT managers and facilities mangers to reduce the power consumption and improve the energy efficiency.

We offer basic and intelligent rack (vertical and horizontal)  mounted PDU.


The PDUs are available in input voltage of 110VAC, 220VAC and 380VAC; 110VAC and 220VAC for output voltage


  • Available in basic or intelligent PDUs

  • Available in vertical or horizontal mounted PDUs

  • Choices of input plug type: IEC60309, IEC320 (C14), BS1363, IEC320 (C20) or open end.

  • Standard in 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 ways BS1363 outlet sockets, with options of 45-degree and 135-degree.

  • Also available in IEC320 (C13), IEC320 (C19)

  • Rating current available in 10Amp, 13Amp, 16Amp, 20Amp and 32Amp

  • Compatible with third parties standard IT cabinets and racks