We also offer other accessories for IT rack solutions inside the data center. For example 1U tool-less air blanking panel, inlet air duct, 1U bus bar...etc.

1U Tooless Panel.png

1U Toolless Blanking Panels is tool-less snap-on blanking panel designed to install & uninstall the panels quickly, compared to conventional Screwed Blanking Panel. The function will be to prevent of air to prevent of air flow to the unused rack space & avoid thermal short circuit.


  • Highly effective to seal unused rack space and prevents thermal short circuit

  • Easy to install and removal with built-in finger grips on both side of blanking panel

  • Can be used with square- punched, round or tapped mounting rails

  • Stackable for easy storage

  • Enhances looks and aesthetics of the racks

  • Comply to EIA-310-E cabinets

Inlet Air Duct is the passive thermal management solution for CISCO NEXUS 2000 series’ switches to improve the thermal performance by intake the air from the front of racks (cold aisle) to rear of racks (hot aisle), which help to provide adequate separation of hot and cold aisles and resulting in reduced energy costs.

We offer two models of Inlet Air Ducts that the front sections of module are in different of depth sizes  which allow to fit in different size of server and network rack  and providing more cable management flexibility.


  • Module design with depth in two sizes

  • Increases energy efficiency

  • Passive solution and environmentally friendly

  • Easy maintenance

1U Ground Bar - LuxRack.png

1U Horizontal Grounding Bars with tin-plated finishing provide electrical continuity from rack to rack and with 10 (or other config) wire ports for equipment grounding.


M6 plastic insulators are provided for 1U horizontal grounding bars mounting.

Handle_Lock-removebg-preview (1).png

IT Rack Handle Lock (combination) cutsheet