Philips UV-C Disinfection Air Unit

UV-C Disinfection Air Unit For Professional Use


The Philips UV-C disinfection air unit is a powerful and effective way to disinfect circulating air. It draws air into the unit where UV-C radiation inactivates up to 90% of micro-organisms in 80m3 within just 2 hours (circular coverage 28m2 ) 1 . With no need for mounting, the freestanding unit can be wheeled into place in a wide range of professional applications, from offices and retail to hospitality. The aesthetic design delivers well-controlled UV-C radiation (RG0) and can also be used when people are present.


  • Achieves 90% air disinfection in 80m3 in 2 hours(1) .

  • Circular coverage of 28m(2).

  • No fixed installation or mounting required and replaceable in the room.

  • Reliable and strong UV-C irradiance inner chamber.

  • User-friendly interface with clear display and range of flexible options.


Safeguard Benefits

Mechanical safety and germicidal effectiveness validated by independent scientific reports:

  • Germicidal effectiveness validated by independent scientific report(1) .

  • Specially-designed mechanical structure to keep UV-C leakage below limit and validated by independent scientific report(2).

  • Easy maintenance with display notification for spare parts.

1 Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology. Test conclusion: Turned the sample on the UV lamp and the maximum wind speed working for 1 hour in a 10m3 test chamber. The test was repeated 3 times. The detection result of the killing rate of staphylococcus while in the air was > 99.9%, which met the standard requirements of the Technical Standard for Disinfection (2002 Ministry of Health P.R.China). 2 Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology. Test conclusion: Turned the sample on maximum wind speed for testing, and after stabilization, the ultraviolet radiation luminance collected at 30cm around the device was less than 5μ w/cm2, which met the requirements of GB 28235-2011 (safety and sanitary standard for ultraviolet appliance of air disinfection) -


  • Housing material: anti UV plastic.

  • Philips UV-C lamp: 2*18W PL-L or 4*18W PL-L version available.

  • Philips Ballast: HFP 218/236. • Touch panel: timer button 30/60/120mins & On options, Fan speed button with low, medium and high options, lock button to avoid unwanted operations, power on/off button.

  • Display on user interface, which starts counting down on pre-set disinfection duration.

  • Four wheels for portable & flexible movement.



Please follow user manual and mounting installation before, during and after operation.

Office - Disinfect air in small (meeting) rooms up to 28m2.

School - Disinfect air in classrooms.

Banking - Disinfect air in hallways, customer waiting and meeting rooms, customer service areas.

Hospitality - Disinfect air in guest rooms, reception area, office area, conference rooms